Research and Development Company

Primary goal of our company is to offer competitive LRIT and VMS solutions for maritime sector. For this purpose the hardware platform was developed with the working name LT2001. Two solutions for tracking and telematic transmission of data from vessels are derived from it. The development is focused on using proven and cost efficient technologies and that puts us side to side with other manufacturers of similar equipment.

With our unique approach to the design and manufacture of devices, we enable a user easy upgrade with additional functionalities.


Ground stations for satellite tracking with AZ/EL and X/Y geometry. Measuring of antenna radiation patterns and gain with the support of upgrades for customized antenna measurement stations.

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Do you have an idea for a new product but do not know where to begin? We are here to help you. Contact us and we will help you develop your idea.

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Satellite-tracking solutions for maritime transport corresponding with the LRIT and VMS EU legislation.  New and efficient CAN bus data recorder as an upgrade for conventional tracking solutions and many more, customized solutions.

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The development, manufacture and upgrading of the product according to the customer’s wishes and exact specifications. We have proved our professional experience in automation, the medical industry, antenna systems with strong hardware and software support as well with deep knowledge and experience with Linux OS and its drivers.

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